Cricket World Cup 2023: Stuart Broad Endorsement of Jos Buttler and Matthew Mott’s Role in England’s Squad

In the midst of a “disastrous” World Cup 2023 campaign, former fast bowler Stuart Broad has voiced his opinion on England’s captain, Jos Buttler, and coach, Matthew Mott. Despite England’s struggles, Broad believes they should persist with their leadership.


The Cricket World Cup 2023 has been a difficult excursion for Britain, with only one dominate in seven matches in India. In a bid to remain in the opposition and fit the bill for the Heroes Prize, they should get a triumph against the Netherlands. Stuart Expansive, a veteran of the game, shares his bits of knowledge into the group’s presentation and the way forward.

England’s Recent Struggles in World Cup 2023

England’s World Cup 2023 performance has drawn comparisons to the disastrous campaign they had in 2015, which coincidentally involved Stuart Broad. The team’s form has hit rock bottom, and they are in dire need of a resurgence.

Broad, who represented England in 121 one-day internationals, offers a different perspective. He doesn’t believe in a complete overhaul of the team’s strategy. Instead, he suggests retaining Matthew Mott as the coach and Jos Buttler as the captain.

Broad acknowledges the need for fresh faces in the squad. These new additions could breathe life into the team and help them embrace a fearless approach, unburdened by the fear of failure.

The Road to the Champions Trophy

The top eight teams from the World Cup group stage will secure a spot in the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan. England, currently languishing at the bottom of the table, must beat the Netherlands and Pakistan to avoid missing out on a major global tournament.

Having faced defeats against the Netherlands in the past, Broad recognizes the threat they pose. He points out that the Dutch team has a history of winning crucial matches in World Cups. This time, England cannot afford to underestimate them.

Broad’s Personal Journey

Broad’s T20 captaincy experience is a subject of reflection in his autobiography, “Broadly Speaking.” He candidly admits that he was not ready for the role at the age of 24, unsure of his playing style and leadership approach.

During Broad’s tenure as T20 captain, England had three different leaders across formats, with Andrew Strauss heading the Test side and Alastair Cook leading the one-day team. Since then, the Test and limited-overs captaincies have remained separate.

Ben Stokes’s Return

Current Test captain Ben Stokes has come out of one-day retirement to participate in the World Cup. He faces the challenge of recovering from a long-standing knee issue before the five-Test series in India.

Ben Stokes’s Dedication Carl Hopkinson, England’s fielding coach, emphasizes Stokes’s commitment to the national team. Stokes is determined to help England qualify for the Champions Trophy and deliver strong performances in the upcoming matches.

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