Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against MS Dhoni by Former Business Partners; Hearing Scheduled for January 18

In a recent development, former Indian cricketer MS Dhoni is facing a defamation case filed by his ex-business partner, Mihir Diwakar. The lawsuit, also involving Diwakar’s wife Soumya Das, has been officially registered at the Delhi High Court, according to a report from news agency PTI.

The legal action follows a criminal case initiated by Dhoni against Diwakar and Das, accusing them of violating a contract signed in 2017. The defamation case aims to prevent Dhoni and his representatives from making defamatory allegations in connection to the alleged breach of the 2017 contract.

The agreement being referred to was an understanding among Dhoni and Aarka Sports The board, an organization claimed by Diwakar and Das. The agreement focused on establishing cricket academies in India and globally. The lawsuit is set for a hearing before Justice Pratibha M Singh on Thursday, January 18.

According to the filed suit, Dhoni and his representatives allegedly made defamatory remarks against the owners of Aarka Sports Management. Dhoni claimed that Diwakar and Das failed to establish the cricket academies within the agreed-upon timeframe, resulting in a loss of nearly 15 crore. Diwakar further stated that even before the court’s findings, Dhoni’s lawyer, Dayanand Shamra, conducted a press conference, making defamatory allegations.

This legal action comes in response to Dhoni’s earlier criminal case against Diwakar and Das for the alleged contract violation. The retired cricketer is currently preparing to lead the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in IPL 2024. Despite a knee injury last season, Dhoni underwent surgery after IPL 2023 and is actively gearing up for the upcoming 2024 season, as evidenced by social media posts featuring him practicing at the nets.

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