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Lukas Engel Wembley Dream: Middlesbrough Upbeat Outlook Ahead of Chelsea Clash

Lukas Engel, the rising star from Middlesbrough, recently shared his aspirations in an interview with the Danish media before the crucial Carabao Cup semi-final against Chelsea Clash.

Not long ago, Angel was alongside Vijle in the Danish Superliga. In those days, playing in Britain and at Wembley felt like an unattainable dream. Currently, at 24, Angle is just an hour and a half away from realizing that fantasy, with Middlesbrough holding a 1-0 lead as they head to the Stamford scaffold for the next leg.

In an interview with Danish magazine Tipsbladet, Engel expressed his excitement: “The game at Stamford Bridge becomes even bigger because that’s where it all gets decided. I think we have a decent possibility of arriving at the last.”

Reflecting on the journey, Engel acknowledged the rapid progression, from being on the periphery at Vejle to playing a crucial role in a Carabao Cup semi-final. He admitted, “I probably wouldn’t have dared to dream about that, to be honest. It’s a balance between having respect for it and, at the same time, trusting in your abilities.”

Engel’s optimism stems from believing in his capabilities, stating, “I’m also a good player, and I can compete at that level. It’s precisely the thing you long for when you grow up. It will be a cool challenge.”

The interview comes on the heels of Engel’s chat with BBC Tees, where he discussed his challenging start at Middlesbrough. Addressing a tough beginning and overcoming setbacks, Engel stated, “It just took a crappy game against Sheffield Wednesday for me to realize that I needed to change some things mentally.”

As Middlesbrough faces Chelsea, Engel remains optimistic, emphasizing the team’s belief in turning their season around despite early challenges. The upcoming clash at Stamford Bridge is not just a game; it’s a chance for Engel and Middlesbrough to make a dream come true on the road to Wembley.

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