Zaka Ashraf Resigns from PCB Management Committee Chairman Position

In a surprising turn of events, Zaka Ashraf Resigns has officially from his role as the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) management committee. This decision was followed by his simultaneous resignation as a member of the Board of Governors (BoG).

The announcement of Ashraf’s resignation came on Friday, causing a stir in Pakistani cricket circles. The development is said to be linked to Ashraf’s reported dissatisfaction with the authority granted to him by the Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC).

Sources close to the situation revealed that Ashraf decided to step down due to a lack of authorization from the IPC. The IPC, in a noteworthy move, halted the management committee meeting scheduled to take place in Karachi on Tuesday. This intervention explicitly directed Ashraf not to proceed with any decision-making.

It is reported that Ashraf, in his role as the management committee chairman, intended to make decisions in alignment with the Board of Governors and upcoming elections. However, the IPC’s intervention prevented him from exercising his desired level of authority.

Notably, the IPC’s interference extended to Ashraf’s involvement with the T-10 league. The governing body, citing concerns or disagreements, halted Ashraf from being actively engaged in the affairs related to the T-10 league.

The resignation of Zaka Ashraf marks a significant development in the administrative landscape of Pakistani cricket. As the PCB grapples with these unexpected changes, the search for Ashraf’s successor and the implications on upcoming decisions within the cricket board remain to be seen. The resignation comes at a crucial juncture, adding an element of uncertainty to the leadership structure of the PCB.

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