Pelova’s Rise: Charting the Course to Become Arsenal Next Icon, Walking in Kim Little’s Footsteps


Arsenal’s recent acquisition, Victoria Pelova, is making waves at the north London club, and manager Jonas Eidevall believes she could be the heir apparent to WSL legend Kim Little. The 24-year-old Dutch midfielder’s recent standout performance against Leicester has heightened expectations among Gunners fans.

A Star in the Making

Pelova’s arrival at Arsenal from Ajax in the January transfer window has sparked excitement, with Eidevall expressing enthusiasm about her potential. The midfielder’s recent stellar performance, including two assists and a goal in a 90-minute display against Leicester, showcased her growing influence on the team.

Pelova’s Footsteps: Filling the Void as Kim Little’s Successor at Arsenal

In the absence of the injured Kim Little, Pelova demonstrated her versatility by seamlessly fitting into the team. Little, a stalwart with close to 300 appearances and numerous trophies for Arsenal, has been a key figure in the squad. Pelova’s ability to play in various positions, including a deeper midfield role against Leicester, hints at her potential to follow in Little’s footsteps.

Versatility and Maturation: Pelova’s Impact

Pelova’s versatility was on display as she played a pivotal role in Arsenal’s comeback against Leicester. Despite a missed early chance, her mature second-half performance showcased intelligence and composure on the ball. Notably, Pelova’s hunger in the box resulted in her scoring Arsenal’s fourth goal, highlighting her potential to make game-defining contributions.

Statistical Showdown: Pelova vs. Little


While Little excels defensively, Pelova leads in assists this season. Analyzing their performances, Pelova’s three assists make her a standout playmaker, contributing significantly to Arsenal’s attacking prowess. The article delves into statistical comparisons, providing insights into their respective strengths and contributions to the team.


Pelova’s Pivotal Moments: A Glimpse into the Future of Arsenal’s Rising Star
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Examining Pelova’s impactful moments, including her role in Arsenal’s late comeback win over Aston Villa, emphasizes her ability to shine when it matters most. The article highlights Pelova’s determination, exemplified by her pivotal actions that led to crucial goals, showcasing her potential as a game-changer.

Kim Little (Per 90 minutes in WSL 2023/24):

  • Minutes played: 450
  • Goals: 0
  • Assists: 0
  • Aerial duels won: 2.8
  • Duels won: 7.4
  • Tackles won: 1
  • Interceptions: 0.2
  • Victoria Pelova (Per 90 minutes in WSL 2023/24):
    • Minutes played: 328
    • Goals: 1
    • Assists: 3
    • Aerial duels won: 0.55
    • Duels won: 3.84
    • Tackles won: 0.82
    • Interceptions: 1.1

As Pelova continues to develop, learning from the experienced Kim Little, Arsenal fans and manager Jonas Eidevall have reasons to be excited. The Dutch midfielder’s performances and statistics suggest she may indeed be the natural heir to Kim Little’s influential role at Arsenal, marking an exciting chapter in the club’s future.

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